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Welcome to a personal and professional partner for software development!

Mobile apps

Radnoci Software Solutions offers app development for mobile devices, both Android and iOS.

Apps for PC

We also develop and administer existing applications for PC at reasonable rates.

Other consulting services

Contact us if you would like to order further consulting services.

About us

Radnoci Software Solutions was founded in the summer of 2013, by me, Ramon Radnoci.

My passion for IT is great, and has been since I was a child. I have a degree in Computer science, and I have previously worked as a software developer for both small and large companies.

Through my strong passion for software development, combined with my education and work experience, I have acquired a strong and wide knowledge of the software business.

Useful products of high quality is something I cherish, and are the products I strive to deliver to my clients. For me, the focus is on the client, and I have an ambitious work ethic built on agile methods.


Please, contact me for further information and quotations.

Ramon Radnoci

+46 76 – 006 7995